BFF July 12, 2017

Mike will always be my best friend on and off the ice. He Sees My Ability. Gretzky!!!

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Vegetable Strap-On

try this on for size June 12, 2017

Look at what the kids have come up with now. We all know that fruit and vegetables can be erotic, but a strap-on for an avocado? My word.

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Stick Around

lick me May 20, 2017

I saw this little treat in a local mall – the subject was so engrossed with his phone that he never realized for the 15 minutes I was standing there that there was a Revel stick stuck to his leg. I never put it there! I swear to God. Makes you wonder how it got […]

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Mrs Klaus in the Off Season

red is the new black April 7, 2017

I saw Mrs Klaus recently in a local mall – she strode past me with confidence and immediately hit the information kiosk. Check out those pantaloons! The candy cane top completes the ensemble. One thing I noticed was that her top looked backwards. The tags weren’t just showing, her top was literally on inside out. […]

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Under New Menangement

menage mes briefs March 20, 2017

I wonder if the new Menangement group consists of three people – a sort of Ménangement à Trois? These poor people set up shop in the wrong place, and their customer flow is terrible. I don’t think I have ever seen more than one customer inside, and most times the place is a void. I […]

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