Black Christmas


January 4, 2020

Blackface Santa, Rudolph, Frost and Teddy. Not really flying off the shelves I have to say. Fully stocked shelves after Christmas, and even more than 50% off and no one wants a piece of this festive racism. Even if it is chocolate-coated.

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Not so Little Bo-Peep

back like bacon December 28, 2019

WE’RE BACK! Indeed. Speaking of got back, looks like Little Bo-Peep has got quite the keester on her – look at the size of her hips! Her butt is so big it must have its own postal code. Based on the shiny glistening on her skin and the tourniquet on her right arm, we can […]

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Foreign Articles

flushing out the foreigners December 9, 2019

Saw this in an airplane bathroom on a recent flight. The fact that the lavatory wouldn’t accept any articles written by a foreign correspondent really struck me as strange. Was this an attempt to avoid passengers censoring articles that originated from outside the country? Perhaps articles written by foreign journalists were longer than articles penned […]

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Around Back

use the back door November 25, 2019

This one writes itself.

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Spinning Babies

DJ Diaper November 14, 2019

So shaking babies is NOT ok, but spinning babies is?! It’s political correctness gone mad. My friends and I used to play ‘Spin the Dwarf’ in college, but I’m not supposed to talk about it as part of my release conditions.

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