how low can you go May 9, 2018

I think lowering your retail price on an item from $29.99 each to $1.99 is a pretty good indicator that this particular product has run its course. Yep. Done like dinner.

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Let’s Park Right Here

out of the gene pool April 21, 2018

“Oh look honey, there’s a parking spot right there – how convenient! Better grab it” “I wonder how come no one took this spot? Every other parking spot is taken. I certainly don’t see three separate ‘No Parking’ signs, nor do I see a passing train with over a hundred oil cars a mere 3 […]

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so delicious April 5, 2018

I was in an A&W recently (or as a good friend of mine calls it, A and Double Spew). Look at this display. At first glance, the cardboard slide looks like an enflamed diseased prostate. All brown with hideous growths all over it with pock marks were scarring has taken place. The sign at the […]

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Big Foot Lives

no retreat, no withdrawl March 12, 2018

A short time ago Scotia Bank put up a new location in my neighbourhood. I am not a customer of Scotia, but I sincerely appreciated the fact that an empty dilipitated location was filled with a new business. I hoped it was good for their business and customers, and it definitely was nice to see […]

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Can’t Mess It Up

worse than fish slime February 6, 2018

“Can’t Mess It up!” this product proudly proclaims. How sad is it that we live in the 21st century and still have a problem with cooking fish. Leaving that rumination aside for you to contemplate, I believe the producers of this product have ironically already deeply and profoundly f***ed this up before you even get […]

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