That’s How They Get Ya

still warm April 10, 2020

I was walking home from work today and I saw this dark green splot on the bike path. I immediately thought it was goose shit, as Canadian Geese are all over the area now, especially close to the Elbow River, where I was walking. I couldn’t imagine a goose being brazen enough to crap right […]

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This Just In

Peter the Rabbit has petered out March 31, 2020

Sorry kids, looks like Easter is cancelled. Like, forever. Actually, there’s an outside chance that this little fella is still alive. He was about 40 feet away from where he was yesterday.

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Pump Up the Jam

sanitize often, and well March 7, 2020

Have to wonder what’s she diggin’ for down there. I’m guessing it’s a 3 piece meal of KFC that she accidentally sat on. Looks like it really moved south on her. If I was that 3 piece meal I’d be making a hard break for the exit too.

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Male Escort

another win for the service industry February 27, 2020

Really nice to see escorts clearly labelled at international airports now.What a great service for the general public. Hats off to the Airport Authority!

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Melona Marketing

yummay February 11, 2020

Not sure who in marketing came up with this hum dinger of a product name. A little close to Melonoma wouldn’t you say? Why didn’t they just call it cancer on a stick. No one wants a piece of Frozen Cancer Bars. Even if it is Creamy & Fruity. Ewwww

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