Insanity in Advertising

the nexus of the universe November 19, 2018

These people are out of their collective gourds. Literally. The only ‘get out of jail free’ card they have is if they were stupid enough to pay an ad agency to come up with this ludicrous campaign. Totally bananas. These ads are akin to coming up with something like “Frozen is the new fresh”. Even […]

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Falling Ice

ice for the black eye the falling ice gave you October 3, 2018

Oldest trick in the book. Danger! Look up! WHACK. Right in the kisser. Not going to catch me with this one boys. Nice try

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Hot to Go

hot eats October 1, 2018

Hot to Go… and night. Just like your wife! 🙂

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Live Here

welcome to Dirtsville September 24, 2018

Not. What a dilapidated facade, and oh so sad half-hearted attempt to put it out there. The building is brown, the dirt is brown, the sidewalk barriers are brown…. I can think of another thing that’s brown that comes from my bottom that is similar to this place. Jebus. No lipstick or perfume, no flowers […]

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Frozen Toddler

tastes just like chicken September 15, 2018

I think this is probably one of the most forward thinking products I have ever seen – ‘Frozen Toddler Helmets‘. The idea of cryogenically preserving the wee tykes is not only on solid ground from a moral perspective, but the idea that their heads still need to be protected even when they are in the […]

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