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I P Freely

by Foghorn on July 22, 2019

You may remember the great classic Atari 8-Bit arcade game, Missile Command. The vagrant that left his mark here sure does.

The deposit at the base of the stairs creates an ethereal translucent composition on the dark grey sidewalk canvas which seems to suggest humanity’s bleakness, but also the futility of human conflict. This piece seems to pose the question “Can humankind ever be at peace?”

Note the mastery of this application in reverse; the signature trademark of a true master. The missiles are not travelling away from the viewer, but instead toward the viewer, directly engaging the onlooker and encouraging self-relection rather than using a more traditional rhetorical approach.

I walk to work each day in the early morning, and most of my route takes me along a bike path. I see a lot of wildlife on my route, and I am also blessed to come across ‘spray art’ from time to time.

Not only is this creative, but it’s also an interesting social commentary. As in, how to get back at The Man.

Exhibit A

Quite the flood tide! Not quite in the middle of the pathway, but I like where they were going with this one. Notice how they used the gentle downward trajectory of the hill to subtly complete the piece and create a playful sense of whimsy.

Exhibit B

This particular artist has quite the flair. A carefully controlled application that literally leaves the viewer blushing. The slight pooling at the terminus is highly suggestive. Notice too the gentle nuances; this contributor cleverly thought this one through from the outset. The application draws on only two dimensions, teasing and inviting the viewer to imagine the presentation in three dimensions. Although a still life, motion is strongly suggested. A veritable piece de resistance.

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