Q stands for Questionable Work

cave in

by Foghorn on May 10, 2019

I walk by this small stretch each day to and from work. A few weeks ago workers dug up a few spots on the sidewalk, did whatever it was they were doing, then covered over the spots they had excavated with asphalt. The asphalt job lasted less than 2 weeks before the asphalt caved in on every spot they had used it to repair the sidewalk.

Not exactly returning the sidewalk to its former glory.

It looks like one of the workers has now dumped all the rocks from his aquarium into one of the cave in holes. “There, that seems to have done the trick”

Futher down the sidewalk, the 20 feet or so of asphalt has all cratered and caved in, also within about 2 weeks after it was applied.

Safety cones now stand sad vigil over this cookie dough patch job.

Not sure if this project is ISO 9002.

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