lick me

by Foghorn on April 5, 2018

I was in an A&W recently (or as a good friend of mine calls it, A and Double Spew). Look at this display.

At first glance, the cardboard slide looks like an enflamed diseased prostate. All brown with hideous growths all over it with pock marks were scarring has taken place.

The sign at the top seems to beckon to you….. ‘hey, sucka!’ Root Beer Sucker indeed. The hand made quality work on this display is something to behold.

Secondly, do we know that sugar isn’t a contributing factor to MS? It would be sadly ironic if it turned out to be the case is all I am saying.

Lastly, donating money to a charity w/o a tax receipt…..sucker territory? Sorry, but you are what you eat 🙂

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