Le Shat

cat turds

by Foghorn on January 16, 2018

A name carries a lot, whether for a person, a place or a product. Lots of things can get get lost in translations, and sometimes even if there isn’t any translation at all when moving into a new market, things can get confused. Canadian Tire tried to move into the U.S. and failed largely because Americans had a prevailing notion that the store offered nothing but tires. There are myriad other examples of products being moved into new markets and failing for any number of reasons. I wonder if this fact was considered at all by the manufacturers of Le Chat. There isn’t anything being lost in the translation with this product – a small icon of a cat’s head is in place for people that don’t even have grade 1 French. the issue is what the name sounds like to the average Anglophone. As in, the past tense of shit. Shit Shat.

I don’t care what your product is, I am betting that you don’t want consumers thinking that it’s shit even before they buy it.

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