but what about the kids?

by Foghorn on October 14, 2013

This is a great ad for VISA. The couple is clearly on an “it’s all about me” getaway. The man, focusing his attention on a nearby red light district, completely absorbed by the delicious eye candy he is perusing below. The woman, by his side but also clearly fantasizing about her personal antiques shopping spree that she will be embarking on with her hubby’s credit card – her payment for her complicity with her husband’s lustful escapades.

But at least VISA has two cards hooked into the same account that are going to see some heavy action.  Just like the dirty old man.  Simply shameful.

Not sure what this ‘Travel Notification’ business is though. Shouldn’t my VISA be ready to travel without me having to pay an extra fee? Travel Notification can eat my shorts.

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