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taste the thighs

by Foghorn on December 12, 2012

Customer comment:

“Do a Google search on “thigh gap” and please reconsider the way this image is described. This is a fad that is driving young women to starve themselves to achieve a standard of “beauty” which is neither healthy nor for most women attainable. It’s dangerous and it’s trendy. It has nothing to do with beauty or fitness or success.

Keywords should not include “success” or “healthy”, “control” or “sexy”. They should include anorexia, starvation, obsession, body image, fixation and eating disorder.

Please, spend a few minutes reading up on “thigh gap” and make this image useful by describing what it actually depicts.”


My Grandpa had a real problem with this thighs getting chaffed because of his thigh gap too. He liked to hit the carbs pretty hard, so there wasn’t a  whole hot of thigh gap there to be perfectly honest. His solution was to add some Vaseline to his thighs, and that seemed to do the trick. It sure made his thighs taste funny though.


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