Vegan Lifestyle

vegan logic

by Foghorn on June 15, 2019

My uncle likes to eat fries and beer, which are both vegan. Does this mean he is practicing a vegan lifestyle? What in fact *is* a vegan lifestyle I wonder?

I have often wondered if vegans either practice oral sex, or avoid it. They don’t eat meat or ingest animal products, but does that mean that it’s still ok to just lick meat and animal products? Would a vegan lick a live cow or a horse, or a chicken? Most people wouldn’t do this, but I wonder if vegans would avoid licking a live animal simply *because* they are vegan? If all animal products are veboten, then you would have to forego oral sex I am guessing. Or maybe you can still have oral sex, but just not swallow.

Sorry. I had to follow that through and finish my thought there. Have to admit it felt pretty good 😉


Salty snacks

om nom nom nom

by Foghorn on June 2, 2019

On a street in Antwerp. The Belgians like salty snacks apparently.


Small Stall

it's not always about the size May 23, 2019

Did they install the urinal first and then decided they needed a toilet, or the other way around? All I could think of when I saw this setup was how awkward this would be for both people if both were being used at the same time. The guy using the urinal farts right into the […]

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Q stands for Questionable Work

nice hole May 10, 2019

I walk by this small stretch each day to and from work. A few weeks ago workers dug up a few spots on the sidewalk, did whatever it was they were doing, then covered over the spots they had excavated with asphalt. The asphalt job lasted less than 2 weeks before the asphalt caved in […]

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F is either for Ford, or Found. Or Fucked

hobo bait April 14, 2019

If life gives you lemons you are supposed to make lemonade, but what happens if life takes your ride away? You have to make ride-o-lade. Not sure if someone purposefully put this attractive lime green pay-per-ride bike next to this sign or if it was just happenstance, but it’s a pretty good editorial commentary either […]

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