Big Foot Lives

feel the thunder

by Foghorn on March 12, 2018

A short time ago Scotia Bank put up a new location in my neighbourhood. I am not a customer of Scotia, but I sincerely appreciated the fact that an empty dilipitated location was filled with a new business. I hoped it was good for their business and customers, and it definitely was nice to see an empty building filled.

A short while later….. BAM!! Scotia’s competitor TD set up an even bigger location right next door to Scotia, completely dwarfing it. It was like a drunken Darth Vader showing up to a kids party and putting his Cuban cigar out in the bouncy castle, immediately setting it on fire and tragically ending the party.

Well played TD, well played.


Can’t Mess It Up

dead rotten fish

by Foghorn on February 6, 2018

“Can’t Mess It up!” this product proudly proclaims. How sad is it that we live in the 21st century and still have a problem with cooking fish.

Leaving that rumination aside for you to contemplate, I believe the producers of this product have ironically already deeply and profoundly f***ed this up before you even get it out of the package. For the love of God, it started out as beautiful pink salmon – they have made it brown with some sort of horrific concoction of maple and dijon seasoning. This is wrong-sauce. Impregnating beautiful pink salmon with brown devil sauce is nothing short of food rape.

I am disgusted and appalled at our species right now :-(


Le Shat

here kitty kitty January 16, 2018

A name carries a lot, whether for a person, a place or a product. Lots of things can get get lost in translations, and sometimes even if there isn’t any translation at all when moving into a new market, things can get confused. Canadian Tire tried to move into the U.S. and failed largely because […]

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Pet Cemetery

eat out, eat fresh December 30, 2017

Looks like Tim Hortons is doing a drive to collect pets. Probably for their sausage biscuits. Keep an eye on your pet!

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Brown Sauce

welcome to sauce town November 9, 2017

I don’t usually judge people too much on their gustatory habits; we all eat some things we know we shouldn’t at least some of the time. This display in a local 7-11 really gave me pause…. look at all the brown! Nothing green or red or leafy at all. Probably doesn’t look too much different […]

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