Product Will Drop

that ain't chocolate

by Foghorn on January 19, 2019

Interesting product selection offered in a local public restroom. Tampon is self explanatory. I guess the management had a lot of requests from customers either bringing food into the biffy or wanting to chow down while they did their business. Seems unsanitary to have a napkin dispenser in a lavatory, but that the hell. 50 cents for a dinner napkin is a pretty sweet deal. Why not stock up for the big feed tonight while you’re at it? Killing two birds with one poop. Or maybe a napkin in the hand is worth two in the shitter?


Sign of the Times

read all about it

by Foghorn on January 4, 2019

Hmmm……. what kind of illegal activity might we be talking about here? I think as a public service they should list out the illegal activities that prompted them to put this sign in the washroom. With icons depicting said illegal activities. Not for our entertainment or amusement of course. As a public service for those who are differently abled from a reading perspective πŸ™‚

I had to ponder how many times an illegal incident had to happen before management decided to put a sign up. I guess patrons were losing their appetite for McD’s… this would be bad how exactly? πŸ™‚


Silhouette Maximum

you look very pleased with yourself December 20, 2018

Silhouette Maximum eh? I think they should rebrand this as ‘Maximum Cod Piece’. Look at that thing! It looks like she stuffed a Cornish game hen down the front of her briefs. She looks pretty pleased with herself. Probably because she knows can kick Batman’s butt.

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The Tube Steak from Outer Space

space poop December 9, 2018

β€˜Oumuamua’ is an object that passed through our solar system late last year, and there was quite a bit of debate in the scientific community about how to classify the object – was it a comet, an asteroid, or perhaps an alien space ship? Oumuamua It’s a bizarre cigar-shaped interstellar object, and depending on sources, […]

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The Beef with Dave

oh, Dave November 27, 2018

I think I would need to see and maybe even smell Dave’s beef before deciding if it’s fresh or not. Wait a minute – are we talking about Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s? Dave went for a dirt nap back in 2002 ….if anything, his beef is totally ripe πŸ™

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