Pet Cemetery

fresh pets nom nom nom

by Foghorn on December 30, 2017

Looks like Tim Hortons is doing a drive to collect pets. Probably for their sausage biscuits.

Keep an eye on your pet!


Brown Sauce

all aboard for the 7 pm brown stain

by Foghorn on November 9, 2017

I don’t usually judge people too much on their gustatory habits; we all eat some things we know we shouldn’t at least some of the time. This display in a local 7-11 really gave me pause…. look at all the brown! Nothing green or red or leafy at all.

Probably doesn’t look too much different when it comes out of the other side of you. It isn’t going to do you any favours when it’s inside of you either.

Sweet Holy Mother of Baby Jebus.



Mommy this candy tastes funny October 5, 2017

I found these little buddies in Walmart. Pinata’s are good clean fun. They are even better when they are anatomically correct. Notice the beautifully sculpted anus on these doggies. Makes you wonder where they add the candy, or what happens when the bat hits them in the stink eye. That’s when the real party starts […]

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A Royal Flush

puke it up September 20, 2017

I saw this little treasure in a local restaurant. Good God. Why would you need a hose attached to the water supply of a toilet? Do that many patrons blow chunks that the owner figured “what the hell – the floor is tile, there is consistently so much vomit in there we might as well […]

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Vending Fail-o-rama

pop you in the pooper August 13, 2017

Look at this sorry state of affairs. A small case study for students of supply chain management. You can build it and they will come, but if you want them to actually buy anything, it has to be stocked full of shit. Target’s failure in Canada was collossal, but it failed for the same reason […]

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